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Magic Truffles Cultivation

We offer different kinds of cultivation supplies for the beginning and more experienced home grower. Substrate ingredients, inoculation jars and even microscopes you can find here. Cultivate your own truffles with our quality supplies!

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  • Face Mask | Box 50 pcs

    Increase the size of future harvests

    Breathing air into the grow kit can bring infectants from the surrounding air into the growbag.

    Cover your mouth and keep the grow kit free from bacteria and other harmful micro organisms.

    Sold per box.
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  • Tweezers | Stainless Steel

    A medical stainless steel forceps. Can be sterilized in an autoclave or pressure cooker.

    Sold per piece

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  • Rye Grain 100% organic

    Rye Grain is used as part of a slerotia substrate. This rye grain is high quality and 100 % organic.

    Rye Grain is available in two package sizes. 100grams and 1kg.

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  • Brown Rice Flour

    100% organic rice flour. Available in two sizes.
    250 grams and 1kg

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4 Item(s)

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