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Magic Truffles Cultivation

We offer different kinds of cultivation supplies for the beginning and more experienced home grower. Substrate ingredients, inoculation jars and even microscopes you can find here. Cultivate your own truffles with our quality supplies!

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  • MycoMate® Underground sclerotia Kit

    Magic Truffles are easy to grow. Now you can cultivate sclerotia yourself with the MycoMate® Underground Kit!
    Buy special spores together with this MycoMate® Underground Kit and get them with a 20% discount!

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  • Liquid Culture Growth Medium

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    Spore germination made easy!

    One of the more difficult things to achieve is to make the spores germinate. This liquid culture growth medium simplifies that process by a factor 100. Just inject 1ml of spore-solution into this vial and shake the vial daily. After one week the spores have formed into mycelium and you can inject this mycelium in your cake. A musthave for all homegrowers.

    Available in 5ml, 10ml and 25ml vials.

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