Magic Truffles High Hawaiians

High Hawaiians is the strongest magic truffle in our catalog, even stronger thatn Atlantis and Dragon's Dynamite. In a small dose (5-10 grams) the will induce a happy and funny trip. In a higher dose (15-22 grams) the Dragon's Dynamite will give a strong "ecstasy" trip with deep colours and is considered to be for experienced trippers only.

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Multi Banco

High Hawaiian magic truffles are available in a 22 grams vacuum packed quantity. Because of this package, the truffles can be kept for a longer time.

A sclerotium is a living product. It might be possible that air (especially CO²) might be trapped in the package. This will make the sclerotia continue to grow and white "hairs" will appear on the outside of the truffles. This is the mycelium and shows the truffles are healthy. This is edible and doens't affect the trip.

Upon receipt of the package, store it in the refrigerator (2-8°C) right away. It can be stored this way until the best before date as written on the package.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight (KG) 0.1000
Portions 1 - 2
Species N/A
Origin United States
Contents (gram) 22g
Potency High

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Wonderfull trip Review by lost psychonaut
Service was excellent. Clear instructions and fast delivery.

Ate a whole bag that lasted an afternoon and faded very softly. It still felt good many days later.

Couldn't get into the experience so I started to relax and medidate, then it got me.

Good visuals and no overexcitement. A powerful, warm and loving energy filled everything, like a soft ayahuasca or just good old love.

Focused on opening the heart. I could breathe and go into it. It was so beautiful and loving that I cried like a fucking baby. It was great.

Will repeat for sure, amigo. (Posted on 12/27/2017)
Great service Review by CP
First of all - another great delivery service, always recommended!

Nornally I go for the Atlantis but wanted to change it up. Done the whole 22g in one (trying hard not to gag). Personally found the come up quite difficult, body temperature dropped and got the chills despite being a warm day. Bit of paranoia for the first hour so Imeditated to calm/silence my ego as it was wrestling, guessing they are stronger than 15g of Atlas. Around the 2 hour mark things lifted and got more positive. Strong ecstasy feeling and mind was racing with ideas and new thoughts, wish I took a notepad. Cool in nature and music sounded good. I didnt actually get many visuals at all unlike Atlantis, not sure if I was fighting against it at the start which effected it? Got another bag left, will give it a go in a tea next time to ease/shorten the come up. Thank you (Posted on 7/2/2017)
Excellent Review by Fred
Highly recommend these, they were absolutely amazing :) (Posted on 12/27/2016)
Excellent Review by Havoc
I used Hawaiian, very high and colored effects, it's absolutely magic, in contrary at the Dragon's dynamite. 22g I think can be use for three peoples. (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Always impressed Review by J-Bone
Have tried a variety of the strains you do but these are next level!!
Always amazing service, delivered 2-3 days and have an fantastic time!
Keep up the good work :D (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Excellent Review by Gull
Took the packet in a oner, Great high and visuals for 3 or 4 hours and a decent long tail off. The packets big enough to split in half and share with someone or to use later. (Posted on 7/6/2016)
AMAZING Review by Katie
What a amazing trip, in some sand dunes in Cornwall :) Great visuals and a great feeling of love and well being. Highly recommend!! (Posted on 7/5/2016)
Was good :) Review by Viktor
These truffles are awsome but not so hard. :) (Posted on 4/17/2016)
Incredible Review by Nathaniel
Came in discreet packaging within 2 days of sending my payment from the UK - Very impressive guys.

As for the truffles - wow! I'm not a novice when it comes to them and these are without a doubt the best I've ever tried. Fasted for the day then took the 22 grams in stages over an hour. Sipped water and snacked on 100% Dark Chocolate.

Hallucinations, pensive thoughts and a complete feeling of peace and wellbeing. I went through the whole range of effects, whereas other truffles have only given me a handful of them.

Will be buying again and certainly recommend. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Excellent product, great service, recommended. Review by Tor
Honestly? I was really, really sceptical about ordering online yet...
...Great product. The truffles did exactly what I remember when I tried them in Amsterdam; A postive and profound life enriching experience.
...Great service. Online buying? I was expecting the worst. Instead, quick, discreet, helpful. What the heck? Thank you, keep it up guys!

(Posted on 10/19/2015)

Items 21 to 30 of 30 total

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