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Herbs & Seeds

Find your magic herbs and seeds here! For the more experienced among us we offer a good selection of different kinds of seeds and herbs to extend your experience.

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  • Syrian Rue Seeds | Peganum harmala | 10 grams

    2 Review(s)

    Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) is a plant that since old time has been used to increase the effects of psychedelic substances. The powder can be chewed or can be grinded and mixed in a drink. Syrian rue is often planted close to builidngs to keep out the “Evil Eye”.

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  • Morning Glory | Ipomoea violacea seeds

    Morning Glory "Heavenly Blue" (Ipomoea violacea) is a tropical vine that has beautiful blue flowers. The seeds contain ergine (LSA) which is said to have a similar effect to the illegal drug LSD. Morning Glory is also used to strongly increase the visual effects of Magic Mushrooms. The effects last for 6 up to 10 hours.

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  • Mushroom / Bad Trip Stopper

    It is always good to have this Mushroom Stopper within close reach. The valerian makes you relax and dextrose sugar helps to neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms. The idea alone that you have this in your pocket can asure that you are well prepared for the trip.

    • 4x Valerian gel caps
    • 2x Dextrose sugar tablets


    Contains 1 dose
    20 grams
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  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds

    3 Review(s)

    The seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) contain a high concentration of Ergine (LSA) which is said to have a similar effect to the illegal drug LSD. Just like the Morning Glory it is can be used on it's own, or for the real psychonauts used to enhance the visual effects of  Magic Mushrooms. The vine of the Hawaiian Baby woodrose produces big heart shaped leafs and many big purple trumpet-flowers.

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  • Incense Nag Champa Original

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    The Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense is hand rolled according to the ancient method of agarbatti. Nag Champa is a blend of flowers, spices, and resins, and each Incense stick burns for about 45 minutes. Incense is used to elevate your mood and enhance environments. The Nag Champa Original incense is said to help open up doors to another dimension.

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  • Incense Goloka Nag Champa

    Incense sticks of Nag Champa Goloka are hand rolled to traditional recipes using fine aromatic roots, honey, natural herbs and flowers. This is an exceptional Nag Champa incense. Fill your room with the relaxing smell of the Goloka Incense. Package contains 15 sticks.

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  • Incense Tray | Wood

    The Incense tray holds your incense sticks while their fragrance fills the room. The incense burner is made of wood and has different symbols on it. The Universe will provide you a symbol.

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  • Palo Santo | Holy Wood | Bursera graveolens

    Aromatic Palo Santo spreads a lovely, sweet smell once lit aflame. Palo Santo has calming, soothing effects, making it a perfect accompaniment to a meditation session. Palo Santo was traditionally used by shamans in South America during Ayahuasca rituals. Sold in a bundle of 3-4 sticks Learn More

  • White Sage Smudge sticks | 2 Pack

    White Sage smudge sticks are the excellent herb to cleanse an area and fill it with positive energy. Salvia apiana aromatic herb is used for centuries as incense and in smudge pots. Great to fill the room with good vibes before your trip. Learn More

9 Item(s)

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