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The Tampanensis magic truffles is one of the most known and consumed magic truffles in the world. They're sometimes called 'Philosopher's stones' for the mystic kind of trip that this species serves to us. Do you want to try this magic truffles variety? Read all the things you must know before taking them.

What are Tampanensis Magic Truffles?

The name of the Psilocybe Tampanensis magic truffles comes from the city of Tampa, Florida. This is ine of the American magic truffles, discovered by Stephen Pollok and Gary Lincoff more than 40 years ago.

They're know hardly founded in nature, but luckily we can produce and cultivate them. It would be a total loss being no able to produce Tampanensis because these magic truffles are a gift of the nature.

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Like the others truffles, Tampanensis are stone like and they have strong mystic effects. These are the reasons of why they're called Philosopher's Stones. Because they're the real Philosopher's Stones!

Effects of the Tampanensis Magic Truffles

The call of the Atlantis magic truffles is “Unleash your inner Philosopher”. With low doses (5-10 grams), you'll reach a happy state of mind. You'll feel more social and prone to interact with the people you are and even with yourself.

If you take higher doses, this is when the Tampanensis releases their inner power. A 15 grams dose can induce euphoric states and spiritual mental exploration. If you are going to take a dose like this, we recommend you to be with an experienced psychonaut who guides you through the marvelous paths of the Tampanensis. This magic truffle variety is a perfect tool for mental exploration.

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How must the Tampanensis be taken?

  • The Tampanensis are not the strongest magic mushrooms known, but this is not a reason to not take Tampanensis seriously.
  • This truffles are often classified like average-high power, so you must be a responsible person. Even with the lower truffles you must be a responsible person! Think that they're not just "drugs". They're a natural tool to explore our own mind and self.
  • Just eat them to experiment their effects. The taste is bad but the result will be grateful.
  • If you can't stand the taste, then you can eat your dose of Tampanensis with something sweet, but be aware that this decreases the effects. But this is not a reason to take more dose that the recommended for you by your level of expertise.
  • The effects come and go like waves. If the effects are going lower, do not take more Tampanensis because the effects will come again.

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Where can I buy Tampanensis magic truffles?

We are selling Tampanensis in our magic store. They come in a vacuum sealed package to preserve the magic properties of these magic truffles.