Magic Truffles Tea

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Magic truffles might not have the best taste to eat them raw. Some people just can be disgusted by only the taste of them, people that can be very sensitive to the earthy flavor of the truffles. You've tried eating them, then swallowing them but the nausea or even vomit remains.

Don't worry. You can consume magic truffles in varies ways, making magic truffle tea is one of them.

Magic Truffles Tea Recipe

A popular way to enjoy magic truffles and to avoid the bad taste is making a tea. It's easy, it's hot and pretty delicious. This tea keeps the psychedelic effects and covers up the disgusting sensations that can cause you to vomit . And it's a comfortable way to enjoy your magic truffles during the winter.

With this recipe you can enjoy your psychedelic tea: It's very easy to make!

magic truffles tea


Step by step:

  • Crush the magic truffles into a fine mush. Use a wooden mallet. Do it without taking the truffes out of the package or using a plastic bag to cover them. Don't smash the truffles without this protection. The result of the smashing process will be a wet brown mass as you can see in the video.
  • Put your tea strainer over the cup and add the brown macgi truffle mass. It's just like doing a normal tea but using magic truffles paste instead of aromatic herbs.
  • Put water to cook but not to the boling point. You need water slighly hot but not abrasive because it would kill the magic truffles psychoactive compounds.
  • Fill half cup with water and put a cover over the tea strainer (it can be a small dish or a pan cover). The purpose is to use the heat of the water to mix the magic truffle flavour with the preparation.
  • 15 minutes later, use a spoon to drain the remaining water from the magic truffles mass. Squeeze it! Get every good drop! You can all a little more water and squeeze the brown mass to the end.
  • Next, sit back in your favorite place and enjoy your new psychedelic experience and good taste of your tea.

You can see the complete process in this fantastic video.