Atlantis Magic Truffles: a tuffle for experts

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Atlantis Magic Truffles is one of the most famous truffles in the world. They have earned their reputation for beign one of the strongest (even the stronger) magic truffles between the varieties you can find in a magic truffles shop. They're a type of magic truffles only recommended for experts psychonauts. Today we are going to know a little more this fantastic and famous magic truffles: today we are going back to the misterious and magic lands of Atlantis.

What are Atlantis magic truffles?

The Atlantis is considered the mature sister of the mexicana magic truffles. You'd probably know that Mexicana is the magic truffles variety most recommended for begginers. Well, the Atlantis, as we said, is only recommended for experts. The Atlantis magic truffles contain high amounts of psilocin and psilocybin, the magic compounds of magic mushrooms and, of course, magic truffles.

atlantis magic truffles

They can also be found as "Atlanta Liberty Caps Truffles", Triprocks, Philosophers' Stones (eventhough this is actually the P. tampanensis) and Númenórian XTC.

Effects of the Atlantis Magic Truffles

In a small dose, 5-10 grams, these magic truffles can induce a happy and funny trip. If you take them with responsibility, you'll feel relaxed and perfectly fine and enjoy the trip. In a higher dose, 15 grams, the Psilocybe Atlantis can give a strong mind expanding trip with deep colors, and closed eye visualizations. Because of this, the Atlantis must be only used by experienced psychonauts or be taken in the company of an expert. This company will guarantee a magic moment. Don't try to make fun of the Atlantis or the Atlantis will make fun of you... atlantis magic truffles

 How must Atlantis magic truffles be taken?

  • We strongly recommend not to take a higher dose than the higher one recommended (15 grams). If you do this, you are increasing the probabilities of a bad trip. And you don't want this.
  • Atlantis magic truffles must be eaten like other magic truffles. Atlantis have an earthy taste like their sisters. Maybe you don't like it, but this process don't last very much. Just eat them and try to think in beauty things.
  • If you can't stand the taste for nothing in the world, you can eat them with something sweet. But remember: it will lower the effects of the Atlantis magic truffles.
  • It's recommended to take the truffles with empty stomach to ensure a good trip and don't affect the effects.
  • The Atlantis sclerotia truffles are stored in a vacuum sealed package of 15 grams. This guarantees a fresh truffle even after a longer storage or shipping time.
  • If you're scared of the potential effects, do not take them. If you do this, it's a bad trip warrant. It's okay not to take.
  • The effects of the magic truffles come and go like waves. If you feel that the effects are getting lower, do not blink. Don't take more truffles. The effects will come again and you'll enjoy again.

atlantis magic truffles

Where can you get Atlantis magic truffles?

Right here, in our magic shop. They're sold in a vacuum package with the exact recommended doses for a high trip. Remember that you must take a lower dose (5-10 grams) if you're not an experienced psychonaut. For your own good. You'll have time to increase the dose, don¡t worry.