Power Magic Truffles Pack

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Power Magic Truffles Value pack

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Nothing so far
So far, I've tried Utopia and Hollandia and nothing. Other than feeling a bit nauseous and very tired and sleepy, I've experienced no visuals of any kind, no euphoria, no visions. Not sure why that is. I did some initial research to make sure I take it correctly with the appropriate dietary restrictions, etc. I took to whole dose at once for Utopia, then dialed down to half dose for Hollandia. In both cases, as I stated above, there was nothing good happening other than feeling a bit sick and extremely tired for several hours...actually almost 10 hours in case of the full dose of Utopia. Very strange. I still have Dragon's Dynamite and Hawaiian left so we'll see. I read on a forum (DMT-Nexus) where it was suggested to take it with an MAOI inhibitor like Syrian Rue. Not sure where to go from here. Review by Piotr (Posted on 2/20/2019)
Great Review by Matteo (Posted on 10/21/2018)
Great service great truffles
Highly recommend the site top quality service hasn’t tried a few of the truffles inside this pack but loved the dragons dynamite 5 ***** Review by Mark (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Great Fun
Had these with some friends at a festival. On one occasion I had half a bag which was the perfect trip for me. Mild and warm. A friend had a whole bag of Utopia which produced an extremely strong trip for him. Dragons Dynamite felt like the strongest truffle for me. On the other days we just ate a bit at a time for the duration of the whole day which produced a constant warm, light feeling of euphoria. We laughed A LOT! Great experience. Review by Bron (Posted on 9/5/2018)
We bought this pack to help a group us all going through the tough points of our lives reconnect, relax and it really worked. We took them in the morning on a really sunny day after a light breakfast, and were feeling the effects after only 10-15 minutes. We knew that if we didn't make the 10 minute walk to the beach right away, we wouldn't work up the courage... man that walk seemed like it took a lifetime. My friend was convinced that every dog walker at 10am was also tripping, and it was tough convincing him to not ask them! We spent about 5 hours on the beach, talking complete rubbish and eventually working up the courage to wade into the sea. Pretty pathetic seeing 35 year old men terrified of 1 metre deep, perfectly still ocean, with kids swimming around us, and then trying to buy an ice cream after... Jesus. If you want to have a real memorable time that you'll talk about for years to come with close friends, can't recommend enough. [ MMS Edit: We just love to hear these kind of experiences <3 Thank you for sharing!] Review by Daniel (Posted on 8/23/2018)

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