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Magic Truffles Shop Amsterdam

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of –  located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This Version is valid from February 27, 2012.

By using our website and placing one or more orders on you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The use of the website and placing orders is only for people of 18 years and older.

  • All our products can be legally sold in the Netherlands.
  • does not encourage illegal activities.
  • When you are ordering from the you take and have full responsibility according to the legal status of the ordered products and that the import, purchase and possession is legal in your country. When you are in doubt of the legal status of the products you want to order please contact a lawyer for legal advice. can not advise you about the legal status of our products in or outside of the Netherlands.
  • We do not have the information of the legal status of our products in other countries. Please do not ask us for information about the legal status.
  • You accept full responsibility for all damage, harm and legal penalties that are consequence of the purchase, possession, cultivation, consumption and import of any of our products or their fruits.
  • as a company, it's representatives or employees are not accountable for the acts of our costumers. No claims can be made on product information or other information that is communicated true email, on the website, social media, support and links to external sources. And/or provided by staff, employees or others speaking in name of
  • None of our products can be used for treating, curing or preventing disease or medical conditions.
  • Do not use our products or their fruits when you are : Pregnant or breast-feeding. Suffering of mental disease or has a history of mental disease yourself or in the family. When you have high blood pressure or other physical or mental problems.
  • Do not use our products or the fruits of our products in combination with MAO inhibitors, anti-depressives or any other medicine. Or when operating heavy machinery, participating in traffic. And keep all products or their fruits away from children,minors and animals.
  • Spreading, using and copying information, pictures and content from the website of is strictly forbidden when used for commercial activities. 
  • only ships your product when your order is fully payed and on our bank account.
  • will ship your order in a discreet and secured package. We cannot be held responsible for any damage during the transport , or when the package gets lost during transport,or when the package is seized by customs or part of the products are taken from the package by customs.
  • Any incorrect names, addresses, phone numbers or other flaws and mistakes made by and/or provided by the costumers in the order information that leads to the getting lost or reshipping of the parcel the costumer will pay for the extra cost. Or he can receive a refund of the total order amount minus the cost made by for shipping, reshipping and the purchase of goods.
  • is not responsible for the mistakes and errors by third parties in payment,shipping and in the delivery process. Or flaws in products by third parties/companies. Products will only be replaced is notified by email or phone of the problems with the products and an agreement is made. And the product is returned to in the original wrapping. This will not apply to products for consumption.
  • The images of products on the website of can differ from the original packing. welcomes you as a costumer and will be happy to answer all your questions. For contact: [email protected]