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  • Magic Truffles Cultivation

    The cultivation of Magic Mushrooms is an extended practice. You've heard about these growkits that make this process very easy: just open your growkit, add some water, put it in a bright and warm place and let the magic grow. Did you know that you can grow magic truffles in the same easy way? Yes...
  • Magic Truffles Tea

    Magic truffles might not have the best taste to eat them raw. Some people just can be disgusted by only the taste of them, people that can be very sensitive to the earthy flavor of the truffles. You've tried eating them, then swallowing them but the nausea or even vomit remains. Don't worry. Y...
  • Tampanensis Magic Truffles: american magic

    The Tampanensis magic truffles is one of the most known and consumed magic truffles in the world. They're sometimes called 'Philosopher's stones' for the mystic kind of trip that this species serves to us. Do you want to try this magic truffles variety? Read all the things you must know before ta...
  • Atlantis Magic Truffles: a tuffle for experts

    Atlantis Magic Truffles is one of the most famous truffles in the world. They have earned their reputation for beign one of the strongest (even the stronger) magic truffles between the varieties you can find in a magic truffles shop. They're a type of magic truffles only recommended for experts p...
  • Orders from Magic Truffles Shop

    This is one of your general concerns: What I will get if I order from Magic Truffles Shop? Am I going to get a box that seems to scream "HEY! I HAVE MAGIC TRUFFLES INSIDE! YOUR SON/NEIGHBOUR/FRIEND/WHATEVER LIEKS HALLUCINOGENICS!". The answer is NO. The orders from Magic Truffles Shop are like th...


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The temperature should be right. Make sure that the kit stays between the 20°C and 25°C, also at night. When the temperature is higher or lower than this, the mushrooms will either grow very slow or not at all.

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