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Magic Truffles High Hawaiians

High Hawaiians is the strongest magic truffle in our catalog, even stronger thatn Atlantis and Dragon's Dynamite. In a small dose (5-10 grams) the will induce a happy and funny trip. In a higher dose (15-22 grams) the Dragon's Dynamite will give a strong "ecstasy" trip with deep colours and is considered to be for experienced trippers only.

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High Hawaiian magic truffles are available in a 22 grams vacuum packed quantity. Because of this package, the truffles can be kept for a longer time.

A sclerotium is a living product. It might be possible that air (especially CO²) might be trapped in the package. This will make the sclerotia continue to grow and white "hairs" will appear on the outside of the truffles. This is the mycelium and shows the truffles are healthy. This is edible and doens't affect the trip.

Upon receipt of the package, store it in the refrigerator (2-8°C) right away. It can be stored this way until the best before date as written on the package.

Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU sc-mchh
Weight (KG) 0.0210
Portions 1 - 2
Species N/A
Origin United States
Contents (gram) 22g
Potency High
Not shipped to: Non EU countries, Africa, Asia, Australia, Austria, Caribbean, Central America, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Middle East, South America, Finland, Israel , Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
Customer Reviews (26)
They worked
My partner took half a pack, whilst I looked after her. She enjoyed it, but next time a whole 15g pack.
Review by David (Posted on 4/21/2020)
Good stuff
Shipment arrived swiftly. Good stuff. Probably one of the stronger strains available out there, but the strength seems to vary from a bag to another. Ate 2 bags and it was the right dosage for me, but then again I'm 90 kg and a very experienced psychonaut. Review by Matthew (Posted on 4/8/2020)
Great service
One pack of the truffles lost their vacuum, so went bad. The customer service team made sure I got a new package.
The effect of the truffles itself wasn't very noticeable. Next time better.
Review by Crienie (Posted on 7/4/2019)
One of my favorites Review by Grigorijs (Posted on 4/17/2019)
First timer
I bought these and the Hollanda type. I shared this package with my husband a week after trying the other package.
We really enjoyed them, I did get some visuals like patterns moving on the floor/walls etc. My husband said he didn’t experience visuals but felt very merry as though he’d had a few alcoholic drinks. We both felt relaxed and happy on them. I think next time we’ll order more to increase the dose. Happy with the experience this one gave us for our first time though and I can totally see how these things can help with depression etc. They definitely do lift the mood which is great.
Review by Gem (Posted on 10/24/2018)
Great stuff
Great product Review by Corndog (Posted on 9/12/2018)
good fun with friends
I've had good experiences with this truffle so I bought 4 bags this time. Ordering, shipping and delivery went well and fast as usual.

We shared couple of bags between 3 friends at an outdoor event. We laughed a lot and had some soft visuals. Nothing too intoxicating, we were able to communicate with sober people, when we were not laughing :)

It was good fun.

The 2 remaining bags are another story. I ate them a couple of days after the 2 previous bags and nothing happened.

Might have been the truffles got too warm during the transportation (it was June and quite hot), or my own state of mind when I took them. I don't know, but nothing at all happened. I just sat there waiting for it to kick in. It was disappointing.

I will order again but will try to be more careful with the handling of the truffles to avoid the same happening again.
Review by lost psychonaut (Posted on 8/27/2018)
Mr K Attwood
They were everything I wanted them to be!
Me and a few of my pals had a great night out in the woods tripping
our tits off.
Would definitely recommend!
Review by kyle (Posted on 8/16/2018)
Great first time if you take LOADS. 22g not enough for anyone id imagine. My first time too. Amazing but order a lot!!!!!!!!! Review by ronan (Posted on 6/5/2018)
Really good but I'm a lad that gets drunk after 3 beers and needed 40mg to have any proper effect. High was Amazing. Perfect for beginners which I was. Just have loads. 22g wont do it at all. High brilliant. Zero hangover. Phone, paintings, came alive. :-) Review by ronan (Posted on 6/5/2018)
Great product
Fastly delivered.
We ate them (one 22g pack for each person) after 6 hours fasting and drunk some water.
I had Hawaiians before and I was surprised that this time the high hit me a bit less on the visual effects and a bit more on the emotional side.
Overall a nice, long (5hours) and intense but comfortable high.

Highly recommended ;)
Review by R (Posted on 4/7/2018)
Great timing and product
The product was shipped and sent quickly.
It arrived in perfect conditions and gave us a nice long high.
Not the the strongest high and surprisingly more focused on emotional connection than visual effects, but long lasting and incredibly enjoyable.

We ate one 22g pack each person, starting with an empty stomach, drunk some water and chewed a lot.
Review by rea (Posted on 4/7/2018)
It might be me but these ones havent done anything, waited for the come up and left waiting, i dont have a high tolerance,only once every 1 month or yeah, wont be geting these again, atlantis on the other hand is beautiful stuff Review by Robert Marius (Posted on 3/14/2018)
It might be me but these one havent done anything really, atlantis on the other hand are nice Review by Robert Marius (Posted on 3/14/2018)
I took 15 g and it was magic. It was like a game or a movie I recommend Review by Svapdamp (Posted on 2/24/2018)
Fantastic Product
AMAZING product, discreet packaging. Came pretty quickly.

I had an AMAZING experience with those truffles, I took the whole 22g in some OJ, drank it over the course of 1h-2h because they taste pretty bad. BUT this is the closest thing you'll ever experience to magic in this world. This is purely too incredible to be described by words. I had unbelievable visuals and felt many things I never had before. When I peaked and everything clicked into place, things finally made sense. Being able to experience the world from a whole new perspective for the first time like a newborn is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. I tasted the best chocolate in the universe, it connected with the music I was listening to, with the light I could perceive trough my closed eyes as well as the INCREDIBLE visuals that were happening inside me all along. This connection is the purest and most intense thing I ever experienced before. My tongue was a snake dancing and swirling in my mouth, playing in every corner of my mouth.

It's quite hard to put what I experienced into words so i'll just leave it at that.
Some advice :

- Take them on an empty stomach ( I made the mistake to take them raw on a full stomach and ended throwing up the first time)
- Chop and mix them in a drink
- Take your time when drinking it
- Prepare a good playlist to listen to
- Make yourself comfortable, In bed, with blanket
- Make sure to be with people you're comfortable with because you might act weird :p
- Prepare some good snacks (preferably nothing dry like chips), you'll experience taste in a whole new way
- Mint flavored candies helped me get rid of the bad taste of mushies I had in my mouth

Review by Anthony (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Wonderfull trip
Service was excellent. Clear instructions and fast delivery.

Ate a whole bag that lasted an afternoon and faded very softly. It still felt good many days later.

Couldn't get into the experience so I started to relax and medidate, then it got me.

Good visuals and no overexcitement. A powerful, warm and loving energy filled everything, like a soft ayahuasca or just good old love.

Focused on opening the heart. I could breathe and go into it. It was so beautiful and loving that I cried like a fucking baby. It was great.

Will repeat for sure, amigo.
Review by lost psychonaut (Posted on 12/27/2017)
Great service
First of all - another great delivery service, always recommended!

Nornally I go for the Atlantis but wanted to change it up. Done the whole 22g in one (trying hard not to gag). Personally found the come up quite difficult, body temperature dropped and got the chills despite being a warm day. Bit of paranoia for the first hour so Imeditated to calm/silence my ego as it was wrestling, guessing they are stronger than 15g of Atlas. Around the 2 hour mark things lifted and got more positive. Strong ecstasy feeling and mind was racing with ideas and new thoughts, wish I took a notepad. Cool in nature and music sounded good. I didnt actually get many visuals at all unlike Atlantis, not sure if I was fighting against it at the start which effected it? Got another bag left, will give it a go in a tea next time to ease/shorten the come up. Thank you
Review by CP (Posted on 7/2/2017)
Highly recommend these, they were absolutely amazing :) Review by Fred (Posted on 12/27/2016)
I used Hawaiian, very high and colored effects, it's absolutely magic, in contrary at the Dragon's dynamite. 22g I think can be use for three peoples. Review by Havoc (Posted on 8/12/2016)

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