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Magic Truffles Cultivation

We offer different kinds of cultivation supplies for the beginning and more experienced home grower. Substrate ingredients, inoculation jars and even microscopes you can find here. Cultivate your own truffles with our quality supplies!

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  • Alcohol Prep

    Alco preps are used to sterilize surfaces.

    Very useful for cleaning injection ports and the small surfaces.

    Contents: 1 piece

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  • Sterile Latex Gloves | Pair

    Keep bacteria out!

    Clean hands are very important when cultivating magic truffles.

    Sold per pair.


    Available in three sizes (small, medium and large)

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  • Petri Dishes | 20 pieces | Sterile

    These lab-ready aseptic petri dishes are ideal for making a mycelium culture or sporeprints.

    Made of Polystyrol and are reusable after sterilization.

    Sold per piece

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  • Scalpel

    A disposable surgical scalpel #11 In a sterile package.

    The blade and the handle are already attached.

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  • Tweezers | Disposable

    These disposable tweezers come in a sterile package.

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  • Byomic Microscope Slides

    These Byomic Object glasses are thin pieces of glass of 25 x 75 mm and are used to hold specimen under a microscope.  One box contains 50 slides

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  • Parafilm M

    The Parafilm thermo plastic is used to close all kind of holders. Close your agar filled petri dishes, Erlenmeyer Flasks wit Liquid culture and spores, and cake jars from contaminants with Parafilm. It is flexible, stretches 3-4 x,holds moist and seals almost anything.

    Size 5 cm x 75 mtr.

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  • Cover Glasses

    The Byomic Cover glasses are 18 x 18 mm and come per 100. The cover glasses can be used to cover your microscopic specimen.

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Items 19 to 26 of 26 total

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