Amsterdam closes 26 coffeeshops in the Red Light district.

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The city of Amsterdam will still close 26 coffee shops in the Red Light District. Half September, the council plans to close not to pursue, but Mayor Van der Laan decision now quite different.
Previously feared that the town with the arrival of the weedpas and the distance criterion an accumulation of measures would arise. The distance criterion given that all the coffee shops within a radius of 350 meters close to schools would have to close their doors, with the result that most of the shops in the area would disappear.

The majority of the councilors feared causing crime and street trade explosive would rise. Now both the distance criterion as the wietpas of the job, decided Van der Laan tolerance authorization of the 26 shops not to renew.


The Dutch minister, Opstelten, stated that tourist still are allowed to visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Although there are new laws concerning the use and allowance of foreigners in coffeeshops, tourists can still enjoy getting high in our capital!