Who uses hallucinogenic plants?

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In modern Western societies the upcome and popularity of pscychoctive plants is in contrast with the people who have been using them for ages and ages ago. Aboriginal peoples who used the sacred plants for magic, medical or religious purposes.



Our modern world

What is exactly the difference between the use of hallucinogens in our modern world and the use many many years ago by for example the Maya and Aztecs? In a historical way the aboriginal societies believe that the plants are the gifts of gods.

Our modern society doesn't put the use of these magic plants (or mushrooms e.g) in such a divine perspective. We use it for recreational purposes, medication or to have a mystical experience.

Way back

There are lots of examples of the use of sacred plants, some of them go back more than 3000 years ago. The sacred Mexican Mushrooms e.g. have a long history that is closely linked to shamanism and religion.

The Maya cultures in Guatemala had a sophisticated religion utilizing mushrooms. In South America, Ayahuasca




Who What Region
Aztecs Mexican Mushrooms Mexico
Maya Magic Mushrooms Guatemala
Maya Magic Mushrooms Guatemala
Maya Magic Mushrooms Guatemala