City Council prohibits sales of magic truffles in Amsterdam souvenirs shops

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The city center council of Amsterdam is going to prohibit the selling of magic truffles in Amsterdam in souvenirs shops and other shops. They want to make the sales of magic truffles only exclusively available in specialised smartshops.

Last summer a tourist died when he was under influence of magic truffles and jumped out of window. What it made it very painful was that the magic truffles were easily available in souvenir shops. This was not the first incident with a tourist.

The local news company AT5 showed with a report that the souvenirs shops which were selling magic truffles supplied bad or little information about the effects and use of magic truffles. The local organization for drug addictions Jellinek at that time already advised to prohibit the sales of magic truffles in the tourist shops.

The city council has sent letters to the souvenirsshops and warned them. "We are going to check the shops and if we find the proof of selling the truffles, than they can receive a big fine. The fine begins at 10.000 euro but can go up to 40.000 euros.

A quarter of all souvenir shops are selling magic truffles. The local people are familiar with these shops which are for a great part run by Indian or Pakistan people who just go with what the market wants and make money with it.