Magic Truffles Cultivation

The cultivation of Magic Mushrooms is an extended practice. You've heard about these growkits that make this process very easy: just open your growkit, add some water, put it in a bright and warm place and let the magic grow. Did you know that you can grow magic truffles in the same easy way? Yes, the magic truffles cultivation kits do exist.

Magic Truffles cultivation with the MycoMate® Underground Kit

MycoMate® has created a perfect product for magic truffles cultivation: the MycoMate® Underground Kit. (Note: This product has been taken out of our catalogue)

magic truffles cultivation

This kit is composed by a micron-filtrated bag with growth media and injection site, MycoMate® Liquid Culture Vial and Sterile alcohol swabs. You won't need a lot of more to bring it to life: just a magic truffles spores vial  of your prefered truffles variety and a clean syringe.

The micron-filtrated bag contains the substrate perfectly prepared for magic truffles cultivation. You don't need to add anything to make of it a fertile earth. Just your spores.

The MycoMate® Liquid Culture Vial is an small bottle that contains a yellow-brown liquid. Maybe you've seen something like this before if you're a regular customer of an specialised shop. The liquid culture is a substance specially prepared to enhance the power of the magic truffles spores and make the grow process a little more fast. It's sounds like an athlete taking drugs to break his own records, but don't worry. The liquid culture is something natural and it won't change the magic truffles effects. It's just a little help for the spores. And you'll be thankful. Spores of truffles producing magic mushrooms species can take longer to germinate than other typical mushroom species so liquid culture can provide a shortcut.

The liquid culture process, step by step

magic truffles cultivation 2

  • To cultivate you need to inoculate the substrate as first step. This is very easy. You can take two options: to use the liquid culture or not to use it. This time we are using it to show you the way to do this. If you're not using liquid culture, just inject the spores directly from the vial to the substrate (but remember that this will make the truffles grow slower and you'll have smaller yields).
  • Take a portion of the spore vial liquid with the syringe. The liquid culture instuctions included in this MycoMate® grow kit indicate how much spore solution you need for each bottle, but normaly 1 ml per liquid culture bottle is enough.
  • Keep the liquid culture vial in a dark and and a warm place (30º aprox).
  • Shake the vial daily.
  • After one week the spores have formed into mycelium. Mycelium is this white vegetable fluff that will raise the magic truffles.
  • When the mycelium appears, take it with your syringue and prepare to inject the substrate.

The inoculation process, step by step

While holding the injection site of the substrate bag with one hand, lift the two plastic tabs with the other hand and gently tear off the plastic disc protecting the injection area. Swab with alcohol and let dry.

Sterilise the needle using a burner. Apply heat to the tip of needle (not to the liquid!) till red hot and let it cool.

When the needle is cool, push it through the injection site of the substrate bag. Use this injection site to guide needle and pour 1-2 drops into each corner and along the sides of the substrate bag. Let the solution drip down the sides of the substrate bag. Include several drops on top of the substrate. Each drop of liquid culture represents a point of growth so the more evenly the substrate is injected, the quicker the colonization!

The incubation process

The perfect climate conditions for your MycoMate® Underground Kit is a temperature of 22º to 24º C. Put it in a place with no direct sunlight. Within 24 to 72 hours the fungus will spring to life and in one to two weeks aprox. will colonize the substrate.

It's advised to wait 12 to 24 weeks minimum before harvesting. The longer you wait, the larger the sclerotia become.