What are magic truffles?

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You have heard about magic truffles, isn't you? You have heard about their effects and the awesomeness of taking magic truffles, but you don't have any idea what these can be. You know that magic mushrooms exist and you know their are somehow connected but... what are magic truffles? This is Magic Truffles Shop answering!

So, what are magic truffles?

What are magic truffles? Magic truffles derive from magic mushrooms. You must know that they're not exactly truffles but they seem like truffles. Here you have a nice photo of magic truffles.

what are magic truffles

The scientific name of magic truffles is sclerotia. Sclerotia is a part of the magic mushrooms, a compact mass of hardened magic mushroom product. It's created by the magic mushroom in order to survive in extreme environments. Sclerotia is like the survival backpack of the magic mushrooms: it contains foods and dormant seeds* of the magic mushrooms.

When magic mushrooms are growth in bad environmental conditions, they produce these truffles to store their own seeds*. The sclerotia keeps sleeped while the bad conditions are present. Then, when good environmental conditions come, the magic truffle becomes active and new magic mushrooms grow. It's a survival matter.

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Magic truffles are psychoactive

You've heard about magic truffles not because they're specially beautiful but because they're psychoactive. You've probably heard someone saying "wow, man! I took magic truffles and this what like BOOOOOOOOOOOM!". Then you've asked yourself 'what are magic truffles?'. It's true. Magic truffles are psychoactive. Why is that? Because these truffles contains a little of the same psychoactive compounds of their producers (the magic mushrooms): psilocin and psilocybin.


How are magic truffles taken?

Magic truffles are like the magic snack of the nature. To enjoy magic truffles you must just eat them. They can have a bad taste, but this ends quickly.

The effects depends on the variety of magic truffle that you are taking. 5-10 grams of magic truffles is a normal dose. With this you can experience great visual hallucinations, funny trips and spiritual experiences. 15 grams is a high dose and the effects are more powerful. You must only try high doses if you've tried normal doses and you have felt good.

Magic truffles varieties

Atlantis Magic Truffles

What are magic truffles? You already know that. Now you're going to learn about how much magic truffles varieties exist:

Oh, and here you have an educative video that explain what are magic truffles.

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*They're no exactly seeds but we are calling like them with clarifying purpose