How to use magic truffles

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Magic truffles are the magic snack of nature. They're normally less potent than magic mushrooms, but magic truffles must be taken seriously. They're a perfect product if you want to enjoy the magic of magic mushrooms but you don't have the time to make them grow.

How to use magic truffles

We learned about what are magic truffles but we explain a little how must magic truffles be used. Don't worry, it's very easy!

What you are going to receive when you buy some magic truffles are vacuum-sealed packages like these. Every package contains aproximately 15 grams of magic truffles. This is considered a high dose, so if this is the first time you're going to use magic truffles, it's better if you take a 5-10 grams dose (2/3 of the package). Remember that you're using magic truffles to have a good time and discover an astonishing world, not to get sick and end the night throwing up. So the first step to know how to use magic truffles is to know your body.

how to use magic truffles

Remember: the proper dose and the effects varies from person to person, so do not take the same dose of your friends because they're your friends. Start from a low dose.

The best way to use magic truffles and reach the best level of effects is having an empty stomach. Try to not eat anything during the previous hours.

The most effective way to use magic truffles is eating them, swallowing them Yes, we know that they do not taste well, but don't be a baby. Their taste won't last forever. Just take them and drink a glass of water. Eat it like olives. Think about beauty things and swallow them. Remember that magic truffles have dehydrating effects, so you'll need a lot of water during your trip. Do not forget to drink from time to time.

how to use magic truffles

If you can't stand the bad taste, you can take magic truffles with fruit juice or some food, but remember that in that case the effects will be lower.

The effects will take 15-45 minutes to appear. If they don't appear as fast as you want, DO NOT take more magic truffles. Just be patient.

The effects will last from 5 to 7 hours. It's recommended to take the magic truffles at the end of the day, during the weekend. Do not take magic truffles before a job day or an important appointment. You don't know where the magic truffles will take you and you don't want to get fired, don't you?

Here you have some magic truffles DOs and DON'Ts consume advices:

  • DO NOT use magic truffles with other psychoactive substances like alcohol or tobacco.
  • DO NOT use magic truffles alone. Try to do this with a group of friends. It would be perfect if one of you don't take magic truffles and take care of all tripping friends.
  • DO NOT use magic truffles if you're scared of the effects. This will be a bad trip for you if you're scared.
  • DO seek for a quiet place
  • DO have food supplies near.

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