Are Magic Truffles Dangerous?

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Maybe it's the first thing that a thoughful person thinks before taking magic truffles for the first time. Magic truffles are a psychedelic and psychoactive drug, so it's normal that this kind of questions appears in your head. But don't worry. Today we're going to show you an infographic that will convince you.

Are magic truffles dangerous then?

Short answer: no, they aren't.

Magic truffles are a natural psychoactive creation that are not dangerous if they are taken with respect and responsibility. They are a natural drug that in proper doses are not bad at all. Magic truffles exist to let us know another versions of reality. You don't have to fear them just because they're called 'a drug' or just because they are not sold in a Wal-Mart supermarket.

You know, this happens with everything: the dangerous thing is not the drug but the dose. And this is true for every thing we eat, drink or whatever. Did you know that caffeine can kill you? Did you know that exists a condition called 'caffeinism'. And did you know that even water can be toxic in proper doses? (And we aren't talking about drowning in it but drinking it). Everything can kill you or can be dangerous, it depends on the dose.

If this argument above do not convince you, check this shocking infographic out.

Are magic truffles dangerous then? An infographic

Sometimes the best way to notice our prejudices over a substance is compare its effects and damages with other common substance. This time we are doing this comparison between magic truffles and alcohol: the world most consumed and maybe dangerous drug (and it's sold in supermarkets!)

The infographic compares magic mushrooms and alcohol. Remember that magic truffles are the fruit of magic mushrooms and their psychoactive effects are cause of the same psychoactive compounds: psilocin and psilocybin. So this comparison is completely valid.

are magic truffles dangerous


The best of all these facts is that they can be checked and verify their validity. So don't fear the magic truffles. They're perfectly save if they are consumed following the instructions and the recommendations.

Check our Responsible Use page for more information.