A funny magic truffles trip report

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It's difficult to say what one can feel when taking magic mushrooms or magic truffles, don't you think? You just can't say it with words, but it's something you want the others trying. You want to share this awesome experience with your friends and make them become psychonauts too. But there's someone who can explain it with words and write a great trip report.

Today we are sharing with you a trip report we found in the Internet and we think it can be educative. We hope you'll enjoy it!

A funny magic truffles trip report

So a couple of days ago I took 10 grams of magic truffles in Amsterdam and I thought I'd share my experience with you all, maybe you've had similar sensations.

We bought the truffles from what's called a 'head shop' in central Amsterdam. For those of you that don't know, truffles are legalised in Amsterdam and so can be sold legally, whereas the closesly related magic mushrooms cannot. We took the truffles to McDonalds to wash down with some fizzy drinks.

Magic Truffles Shop tip: the magic truffles have a disgusting taste, but remember that mixin it with foods or drinks will slow and low the effects.


The truffles tasted absolutely disgusting, but washing them down with a drink helped a lot. After that we started walking around outside, towards the red light district I think. Within about 45 minutes I felt something. It's a strange feeling to describe. I guess just content at walking along, not really thinking about too much. Colours around me started to become more dull, and I would focus on very particular things. At this stage I was feeling pretty good, just waiting for a slightly stronger effect. My friends on the other hand claimed to feel nothing. So after walking round the red light district for a while we decided to have a pint, maybe that will enhance/speed up the effects of the truffles.

Magic Truffles Shop tip: WRONG. NEVER mix magic truffles with alcohol. You only get with this high choices for a bad trip are HIGH: Paranoia effects and such.

After that one pint I really started to feel strange. I got slightly paranoid that any moment now the truffles would hit me really hard. I didn't actually get the chance to ride out that feeling because pretty much straight after the pint we decided to go to a coffee shop. I think we smoked about 5 or 6 joints of the best hash Amsterdam has to offer. After those joints I really felt it. I kept saying 'I feel SO good'. It sounds absolutely cringey, and I must have looked like such a moron from an outsider but I honestly just felt pure bliss.

Sat there content out of my mind, I would describe it as. Not particularly thinking of anything, but not numb either. The owner of the coffee shop had a row with a customer who'd taken in with him a bottle with clear liquid. Alcohol is illegal to consume in a coffee shop and so the coffee shop owner asked this man to leave. They had quite a heated row, shouting across the shop. I think if I'd been just stoned at this point, without the truffles, then it would have scared me a little. But it didn't at all. In fact I laughed my head off. I found the whole situation so hilarious, but there's no way that I could explain why it was funny.

After the coffee shop we walked around the red light district a bit more.

Magic Truffles Shop tip: we highly recommend to take magic truffles in a quite site, not in the street.


I was really feeling it now. This is probably the most that I have laughed in my adult life. I was giggling like a small child, out of control at how funny things were. As I looked a prostitutes eye she started laughing. I thought that everyone knew how fucked up I was and that made me laugh even more. It was freezing cold as well, which obviously caused hilarity to ensue. I felt like I was stumbling absolutely everywhere, in fact I even knocked over a bike at the side of the road. When I wasn't laughing, it just felt like I was plodding along, my whole world and vision was stumbling with me. I think this is probably the happiest and most content I had ever been. When we got back to our hostel we decided to smoke more, which potentially could have been a mistake.

Magic Truffles Shop tip: Yeah! This is a mistake. NEVER mix magic truffles with other psychoactive substances like alcohol or nicotine. This increases the risk of a bad trip.

I was already fucked out of my mind. So we went down to the smoking room and smoked a couple of joints. Family guy was on tv and I was laughing uncontrollably, I can't think how annoying this must have been for everyone else in the room. After the second joint hit me I just went numb. Numb is the best word to describe it - I wasn't thinking per se about anything. All my mind was doing was absorbing physical feelings, which meant my whole focus was on that. I felt every sound wave pulsate throughout my whole body. I felt myself sinking into my chair. It was just incredible. I think how content I felt within the world was the reason that I felt so good.

After the numb stage we went up to bed. I lay there and after about 5 minutes I probably passed out. What an incredible night. Something that I will take with my always, for sure.


This guy and his friends were lucky. To mix magic truffles with other substances is a bad choice. But fortunately, they were ok. We like the way he expresses how funny is of a good trip and the way psilocin and psilocybin make you feel. It's like a real nonsense with absolute sense. It's... PURE MAGIC!

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