Are magic truffles addictive?

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Where you're going to take for the first time a new and unknown substance called 'drug' like magic truffles, it's normal to take a minute and ask ourselves if this drug is an addictive drug and if it can be dangerous for our health. Days ago we compared the 'danger' of magic truffles with the danger of a legal and extended psychoactive substance: alcohol. The results were astonishing.

Today we are going to talk about the addictive power of magic truffles, if it exists. Are magic truffles addictive?

What makes a drug addictive?


Not every drug is addictive. It depends on the way it interacts with our brain. And not every person become addicted to a drug. It depends on the configuration of his brain.


There're some features of the personality that can make you more addictive than other people. The potential of a person to become addicted is a game in wich play genes, education and other ambiental factors that can be hardly controlled. This configures different dimensions of the personality, like Impulsiveness or responsability, that finally makes you more inclined or less inclined to an addiction.

And what about the drugs themselves? What makes them more or less addictive. Neuroscientists have pointed to an specific region of our brain in wich the addiction happens: the reward system of our brain, a complex circuit that works with a famous substance known as dopamine.


In short, when a situation or an event that you have experimented has a good result for you (making you happy, like having sex), the dopamine presence in this circuit increases in order to make you more inclined to repeat the behaviour that have led you to this good result. It is followed by a happy sensation that makes you even more inclined to repeat the behaviour. Dopamine is like a "glue" for the brain circuits that have taken part in this good behaviour. Your brain rewards you like you reward your dog when it brings you the stick that you have thrown.


The drugs that artifiacilly increase the dopamine levels within this reward system are the drugs with more addictive power. Cocaine and other stimulants, nicotine, alcohol and opioids are drugs that increase artificially these dopamine levels because this action lead to the mood increasement and ectasy.

So, are magic truffles addictive?

Magic truffles are hallucinogenic drugs. But, are magic truffless addictive drugs? Hallucinogens are a group of substances that works principally increasing the serotonin levels of the brain but not the dopamine levels in the same way that other drugs. This chemical change of your brain means the strange visual experiences and sensory experiences but not the famous 'rush' that dopamine-related drugs chase.

Hallucinogenics can be psychedelic drugs or psychotomimetic drugs. 'Psychedelic' is the term used to name the change of mind state. 'Psychotomimetic' is the term used to name the drugs that superficially mimic the state of psicosis (change of perception and such).



Magic truffles contains psilocybine. This substance mimics the serotonin in your brain and their actions. Other psychedelic drugs like LSD or DMT work in the same way. These hallucinogenics will make you experience rare visions and sensations, will make you laugh and think in different way, but hardly will become you an addicted if you take it with responsability. Other hallucinogenics and synthetic drugs like MDMA or Foxy are hallucinogenics and stimulants, so these ones have more and strong addictive power.

The major problem with the magic truffles and other hallucinogenics drugs are their high tolerance. Tolerance means how your body gets used to the substance, and your body gets used to the magic truffles very fast. This means that if you experienced some effects with a dose of 2gr of magic truffles, maybe you'll need 3 gr the next time to experience the same effects. If you increase the dose to a toxic level it can harm you.

This is why you must not take magic truffles every day. But it's easy because magic truffles will not become you an addict ;-) Just enjoy them from time to time and following the responsible-use tips, and you'll be a perfect healthy person!

*WARNING: Magic truffles have not a high natural potential to make you an addict BUT you can become an addict. It depends on the way you're. If you have experimented some addiction to other drugs and substances or have a personality prone to addiction, DO NOT TAKE MAGIC TRUFFLES*

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