Dragon's Dynamite: a magic explosion

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Dragon's Dynamite are one of our most famous truffles varieties. And this is not strange. Dragon's Dynamite has earned his fame for multiple funny and awesome trip reports around the world. Thousand of people have discovered the fire of this magic dragon and enjoy their magic and powerful effects. Do you want to know more about these truffles? Keep reading!

What're Dragon's Dynamite?

Dragon's Dynamite are one of the strongest magic truffle in our shop. They're originary from South America, Guatemala, in spite of their name that can make us think in Asia, China and their traditional dragons. These magic truffles are also called 'pajateros' or 'giants'. This giantic name is because the apparience of these truffles: big rounded truffles.

dragon dynamite 2

Effects of the Dragon's Dynamite

Small doses (5-10 gr) of these truffles can induce a happy and funny trip. Nothing strange here, right? Yes... But the power of the dragon is trully discovered in higher doses. This is why they're recommended only for tripping experts! 15 grams of the Dragon's Dynamite can give you a strong "ecstasy" sensation and a colorful trip. You'll feel in a way you've never felt. You'll feel great, powerful, mighty... Like flying on a dragon through a vast cosmic space. They're a bomb!

How must Dragon's Dynamite be taken?

  • Dragon's Dynamite, like other truffles, must be eaten. Yes, their taste is like eating earth, but don't be a baby. Just swallow your dose and start to enjoy the mighty power of the dragon. If you're brave and chew them, the effects will be faster and your stomach will be safetier.
  • If you can't stand the taste for nothing in the world, you can take something sweet with it. But remember taht this will lower the Dragon's Dynamite effects.
  • It's recommended to take the truffles with empty stomach to get the most powerful effects.
  • It will take to the effects appear about 45 minutes. Do not take more dose of Dragon's Dynamite if the effects not appear within 45 minutes. Just be patient. They will appear. Soon you'll be flying your dragon, don't worry!

dragon's dynamite 3

How are they sold

Dragon's Dynamite are sold in vacuum packages of 15 grams. A package contains 2 doses for begginers or a dose for experts. They include an instructions flyer.

You can buy them from 13,00€ in our store. This is cheap magic!

Some recommendations

  • Do not take these truffles if you are suffering from some medical or psychiatric condition like depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Do not take these truffles if you're pregnant.
  • Do not mix these truffles with alcohol or other psychoactive substances like nicotine.
  • Take these truffles in a quiet environmet. Avoid traffic and dangerous places.
  • Try to drink a lot of water while tripping to keep you hydrated.
  • In case of bad trip, drink some fruit juice, specially orange juice or eat something with sugar.

And, of course, enjoy riding your dragon!