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Is this your first time with magic truffles and you don't know what variety to choose? That's normal because there's A LOT of magic truffles varieties. But don't worry, we have the perfect magic truffle for begginers. Don't fear your first time with magic truffles!

What variety of magic mushrooms must choose in my first time with magic truffles?

This is the most frequently asked question between the magic tripping begginers. You've probably heard of many kinds of magic truffles and their different effects. You probably have a friend who has taken magic truffles and feel incredible thing. You probably also have a friend who tried the magic truffles and felt terrible things... YEP. This is perfectly normal. Do you know why? Because the effects of magic truffles depends on the person. Each kind of magic truffles has its own effects in each kind of person. But you must not be worried. Magic truffles are not dangerous. They are here to discover you absolutely incredible things, and all you have to do is to try them. Easy, uh?

first time with magic truffles

Mexicana: the answer

In spite of the fact that the effects of magic truffles depend on the person, it's true that exist some varieties "easier to ride" than others. Mexicana is one of them, and probably Mexicana is the most recommended variety of magic truffles and mushrooms to enter this magic world.

Why? Because Mexicana is a variety with moderate effects, but not for this is a boring variety. Mexicana is still appreciated by experts.

With a small dose (5-10 grams) of Mexicana Magic Truffles you'll experiment the typical visual hallucinations and distortions induced by psilocybin and psilocin. You'll discover the "low" side of a visual trip, with visions that will cautivate you without great shocking images. They'll make you feel save. You won't experiment terrifying visions or sensations. Just a recreational trip. The perfect way to start swimming this magic waters. It's like learning to swim!

With higher doses you'll still experiment these visual hallucinations but in a funnier way. A 15 grams dose aprox. will make you feel a very funny, sociable and visual trip.

So, don't fear! Your first time with magic truffles will be A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Guaranteed!

And, of course, remember that this one is JUST A SUGGESTION! We want you experimenting. This is a fantastic world that you must explore all by yourself. We can take your hand and guide you a little, but you must be brave!

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